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Pam White is a visual artist who is based out of Bluffton, South Carolina. She is well versed in classic materials and mediums such as acrylics, oils, and canvases, and currently paints primarily with encaustic wax. Through this, Pam hones in on the basic necessity of art; nature. Pam has always loved the outdoors, taking walks on the Hilton Head beaches or being surrounded by marshes and Spanish moss that encapsulates Bluffton. Art is a great form of communication, and Pam communicates her vision and passion for color, shape, place and time with her work, being interested in what lies beneath the surface, in the undertones of each painting, photograph or drawing. Using encaustic wax has allowed Pam to mix natural elements of the Earth, painting water using fire, and manufacturing her own interpretation of what she sees. The unpredictability of encaustic wax medium is a constant inspiration and challenge to Pam, which becomes of the utmost importance as she continually challenges herself to grow as an artist. 



- 2007: 28th Annual Juried S Artists Competition. Juried by Amy Funderbuck. Jurors Choice

- 2010: Beech Mountain Art Elevated Jurors Choice

- 2011: Beech Mountain Art Elevated Jurors Choice and Honorable Mention

- 2019: Hilton Head Town Hall

- 2020: Live Painting and Exhibit for SOAR Special Olympics Fundraiser

- 2020: CD Cover Art for "Strange Times" by John Cranford

- 2020: Won a Voted Contest at Hazel Deans, Painting Printed on Wine Label

- 2021: Production of Six Foot Beach Painting made from beach trash for Port Royal Sound Foundation

- 2022: Artist Feature Reception Grand Bohemian Gallery, Charleston, SC

- 2022: "Liquid Group" Canvas, Venice, Italy


- The Grand Bohemian Gallery, Charleston SC

- Juelerye, Mooresville NC

- Canvas Exhibit, EGO Boutique Hotel - Venice, Italy

- National Association of Encaustic Artists

- PJ White Studio - 1 Pine Island Rd, Bluffton SC

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