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Commissions 2020

I am always thinking...trying to be different or better than I was before. I’ve done a lot of comission work this year and I don’t post it all on social media or my website. I thought I’d share a few interesting ones..

The piece on the left is in the works. It is encaustic wax painted with a torch, an iron and pottery tools. the second was a great challenge. My client brought me a list of items they wanted “hidden“ in an abstract painting. The colors were their choosing. I’m the painting are: a kiwi bird, U of C, Notre Dame, glasses, Cincinnati Skyline, Palm and moon symbol from SC, the boy with the boot from Sandusky, the dome with Mary from Notre Dame and a few buildings. It was one of my most interesting challenges. It’s an heirloom piece their family will treasure.

Lastly, the triptych made with rust. Three paintings using true rust and a sealer. The three pieces exemplify the three phases of my clients lives together...where they met, where their children spent their important years, and where they are now...with a staircase leading to their next adventure.

If you’d enjoy discussing an heirloom piece, contact me anytime. Let’s noodle through the many options!!


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